Friday, February 13, 2009


It's the second semester already. Time flies indeed.
The first semester had been a lot of things: stressful deadlines, intense night sessions with the upperclassmen, exuberant colors, inspiring alumni, great exhibitions, week long hospital treatment, amazing new friends, life changing lessons, and a 3.00 GPA.
Though sometimes rough (thanks to the weather, the leaks on my room, and the new academic policies in our class), the first two weeks had been fun. I signed up for the programs division for our class' academic exhibition on April (everyone is invited by the way, please come!) and as a performer for the graduation day parade, a time tested tradition of my school. Also, after hours of practice (and the nightly bitter-talk sessions afterwards), we finally did our performance piece for ITB Olympiad's closing ceremony last night. With so many exciting things to come I'm quite sure that this semester will be another great story to tell.

A surprise came a few hours ago, in form of a phonecall from a friend. While she's too an AFS returnee and volunteer, we haven't met or talked for quite long. The last time she called me was, I believe, on June, asking me to be part of the Talent Show team for the AFS National Orientation. We talked about the recent contemporary art boom in Indonesia, and how she loves the work of one of my school's alumni. The phonecall brought me pondering on my future. Where I will be? What will I do? Will I still be doing the things I love? Those questions are not to be answered with words, but with hard, heartfelt work.

Thank you Kak Kiki for the reminder.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rhythm Found

I've been here for a few months now and I feel like I've grown into a much wiser guy since the last entry. Despite the drab grayness of the sky (and the constant shower, and the freezing mornings that make it impossible to take shower), these days have been so...lustrous, at least for me. I guess that I'm finally in tune with this new environment I'm in. Yet, being an art school student, it will never become a repetitive song: each day is written differently, and each one is another gratifying experience, regardless of whether it's good or bad. I'm...bursting with life.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'm in Jakarta now, having a short escape from the increasing tensions at school: projects for classes, (shadow) projects to appease the upperclassmen (who are even more demanding than the teachers)...something i have predicted, and as i said before, i think i will be OK. For now, though, the only thing i need is the comfort of home, of being with the people you love and trust the most...yeah. Despite all the noise and temperature problems of this city, being home is gratifying. Today's home-made comfort food for brunch, the abundance of sushi tei's sushis for late lunch, the sour sally's green tea and kiwi frozen yogurt treat for dessert (i knew you'll get there sometime very soon sis, kudos), and the warm glass of chocolate milk before bed are incomparable to what i usually grub back in Bandung (part two tomorrow...yeah). And the internet connection. And the attention, duh.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Among the great things about going to school here is that you're facing real-life problems in a minuscule portion everyday. That you'll meet the rarest breed you can find in Indonesia: those whose perspectives are so different and yet have so many similarities with you. That you're learning to observe the big picture and at the same time appreciating the details, the slightest noise, the slowest movement...that you'll find someone with so many things in common with you, like you two were made on a same template, but you're still two different jigsaw pieces of one big, unfinished puzzle.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bandung: The First Weeks

School has started, which means all the perpetual "rites of initiation" (namely: orientation week) has also started. Nothing much to say: sorry for sounding so much like a full cup, but dude, i've been there too many times. i've been the secretary of the student government in middle school, the president of the student government in high school, committee for the initiation of the clubs and extracuricullar activities i was it was nothing special (except the fireworks at the end, which contradicts the theme: the socioeconomic reality of the There were these sessions where we discuss the position of college students in the society, which are mostly bull for me. The committees posed a pie too big to be digested by highschool graduates in such short periods of time, rather than slicing it into pieces.

Anyway, it is clearly visible that there is some sort of a tension between the school authorities and the student government. i've been there too dude.

The classes are very inspiring though. Rather than giving lectures, the instructors start the class by giving their perspective on the theme of the day (whether its an object, or a material), then they give you problems to be solved (or questions to be answered, or merely a provocation for your mind to explore...) immediately, and once we start the process of creating, the teaching assistants will go around the class, giving comments, suggestions, and ideas for reference. Some subjects are taught in seminars, but they are discussing things in life that i love the most: art; the process of creating, appreciating, and learning...and I still got some not-so-interesting but not-as-bad-as-calculus classes like academic writing and P.E. I'm gonna be OK, i think.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Arab, Onta, Gepeng, Kubil, Aky and all of a sudden Joker. It was the very first time i got a nickname that is not based on my name nor my physical appearance, for the inside might be just too hard to understand and to come up with a suitable representation in a single word name. So it's a surprise when Titis calls me Joker--the outsider, the one unassociated with either the Hearts, the Clubs, the Diamonds, or the Spades. Someone who deliberately withdraws from society simply to observe, to understand, to become fully aware. I think that it's only partially true because I gotta say, I love the company of others (as long as it is not a crowd) and being surrounded by know, the likes. I want to bask in the feelings, to delight in emotions--the most beautiful of all creations--so i need to be connected with other human beings. And the world is already a grim place to survive out there, so yeah, why so serious?

Why I Love The Nighttime

Because everything shines brighter in the dark.